Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an International Driving License, an International Driving Permit, and an International Driving Document?

They are all the same, it's a translation of an original Driving License produced in accordance to international standards.

What documents I need to apply for the International Driving Document?

You must fill in our on-line application and send us your photo, signature and a copy of your original driving license. You can upload your picture, signature and a copy of your native driving license directly from your computer while filling up our online application simply by clicking "Browse" button and selecting the files from your folders.

How long is the validity of International Driving Document?

The validity of International Driving Document is up to 3 years. You can choose validity period by yourself.

Can I drive with an International Driving Document only?

NO, you must have your original driving license all the time you drive.

Can a person with a revoked or suspended driving license drive with an International Driving Document?

Definitely NO, you must have a valid original driving license accompanied with your IDD.

Is it possible to receive your service in Australia or Africa? Or any other country?

You can apply for our International Driving Document from any country in the world. We are successfully working online with our international partners and customers.

I am not in my home country now, what address should I put on the application form?

You should put the same address that appears on your original driving license.

I lost my original driving license, may I apply for International Driving Document and drive with it?

The answer is NO, you may not apply and drive with International Driving Document without your original driving license. International Driving Document is a translation that confirms that you have a valid driving license in your country. If you lost your original license, International Driving Document has nothing to confirm so you should not apply for International Driving Document.

My original license will expire in 8 months, can I still use International Driving Document?

Your original driving license supersedes International Driver's Document. You may use International Driving Document for 8 months until your original license expires.

How much time is necessary for the production of the International Driving Document?

Manufacturing of International driving Document occurs within 24 hours upon receipt of necessary information and money transfer when ordering via the Internet. Please note that shipping to various countries and cities can be from 1 to 6 days.

What languages are translated from the original driving license?

English, Spanish, French, Greek, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Turkish and Arabic.

Is it true that in order to travel abroad I do not need an international driving document, as well as national driver's license in accordance with international standards?

NO, it is not true. International conventions on road traffic signed at the UN stipulate a need for an international translation of your original driving license to drive or rent a car. The first United Nations convention on road traffic establishing an international driving permit was signed on September 19, 1949.

Can I avoid points, tickets, suspension, etc. by using an International Driving Document?

Definitely NO, you cannot. An International Driving Document does not replace a National license.

Is any International Driving Document ever valid alone?

An International Driving Document is never valid alone or in the country of residence.

How can I renew or extend my International Driving Document?

An International Driving Document cannot be extended or renewed; it is only valid for the time showing on it. Whenever expired, you should apply for a new one.

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